Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great ODP Weekend at Williamsburg

A great job to players, coaches and parents for this past weekend. I was so impressed with how quickly the teams were playing the style we want in Maryland. One of the most impressive games was one we lost by a few goals - but only due to the physical size difference between our 95s and the opponent. Even the opponent's coach said afterwards that we were the most impressive team he had ever seen at that age. That type of play will pay off down the road. We need to keep encouraging the possession style of play that gets the players comfortable with the ball under pressure. The weekend also brought out areas that we need to address in training, and we look at the next few sessions to iron out the main issues we saw.
At any rate, thanks for all the hard work from everyone.
Upcoming practices will be announced soon. (WE STILL NEED FIELDS!!)