Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soccer aspects of the College Decision Process...

Athletics/Soccer – Obviously you may be interested in playing soccer in college if you are reading this. Do your homework on the programs at the schools. Some key issues you need to solve are:
• The coach – this is the adult you will have the most contact with during your time in school. Does the coach look out for you beyond the soccer field?
• The chances of playing within your first 2 years. I always felt that if a player didn’t have a good chance within the first 2 years, then I wouldn’t recruit him.
• The facilities – type of field (practice and game), locker room, training room, weight room, etc.
• The division, conference, style of play. MANY PLAYERS go for the limelight programs and never get the experience they would have had at a “lower” level. If the coach is not recruiting you (truly recruiting you), then know that your chances are very slim of getting the experience you would like to have out of college soccer.
• What other options are there at the school if you do not make the varsity team (due to funding – hardly any schools have JV programs anymore). They may have club teams and intramurals, however.
• Graduation rates and transfer rates. This is the best indication if players are enjoying their experience).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for these blogs. They are definitely helpful. I really agree with the part about the Coach and how important he will be or could be to a young man entering college. I will guess that that is the biggest reason for players transferring. Maybe even more then playing time.