Wednesday, October 28, 2009

College Scholarships - 1

The elusive college scholarship
Please read the following article on the pursuit of scholarships from the NY Times. As an interesting note, the soccer player in the article who went to Villanova was also recruited by me when I was at Georgetown - mostly based on his play at a summer camp I ran, but I remember the game he is talking about in the article. Interestingly, we only had 1.5 scholarships available in the entire prgram at the time, so were not able to offer him what Villanova was able to do. So even if you are a scholarship level player, you never know what will turn the tide for a coach. Sometimes lack of an offer is not lack of interest - just lack of resources.

Also - read the question and answer from the last blog on recruiting. Very good question regarding goalkeepers in it.

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